About Us

What do we do?

We transcend borders taking exceptional food from Peru to the whole world, thanks to its biodiversity in the coast, the Andes and the Amazon. We promote the consumption of products that contribute to the healthy diets of millions of people.

How do we do it?

At Blue Market Foods we support the work of the farmers, we are committed to the environmental and economic development of the country. We choose the best products from the fields of Peruvian crops, being processed in our plant in Chiclayo, moved to our warehouses in Lima and finally distributed with the certifications required in the international market.



All our products are processed in our production plant in Chiclayo and sent to our warehouses in Lima, making sure to comply with the demanding quality controls of the international market.


Environmental care:

We are committed to the environmental and social-economic development of the country. We support the work of our farmers. We both believe in a sustainable future, based on the care of their lands and responsible production to conserve the region's biodiversity.



We look for new opportunities and challenges. We are committed to flexibility, dynamism, creativity and work to create value for our company, with our customers, collaborators, partners and suppliers.



We choose for you the best products from the farms of Peru. We work with associations that produce traceable and safe food and further we also have international certifications.

The Spirit
of Entrepreneurship:

If you are looking for a serious, challenging and dynamic company, our work team is highly trained for any circumstance.